Vegan Weddings

If you’re planning a cruelty-free wedding you might be surprised to learn that’s it’s more “on trend” than you thought.

More and more couples are incorporating their every day lifestyle choices into their wedding celebrations. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase how delicious vegan food can be to all your family and friends who might not realise.

Here’s some tips on holding a vegan wedding:

Find a vegan caterer or ask your venue to cater an exclusively vegan menu.

This is getting easier and easier these days as more people adopt the vegan lifestyle.


If your caterer or venue thinks vegan food is just salads link them to some recipe websites online. They may appreciate the opportunity to stretch their culinary wings and cook something different. Especially since after your wedding they will have a new portfolio of dishes to please another section of the market.




Ask your makeup artist to use only cruelty-free cosmetics

Ask your makeup artist before you book them what brands they use and if they can use exclusively cruelty-free products for your makeup look.

Be aware of false lashes which can also be made of animal fur. The synthetic ones are beautiful and you will also have a clean conscience.


Don’t wear leather or silk

An easy one. Google “vegan shoes” and you will find so many on the market, even super dressy ones.

Mention why you chose to have a vegan wedding in your speech.

You will have a captive audience so why not:)You don’t need to turn your wedding speech into a political one but it’s the perfect opportunity to mention that all the delicious food people are enjoying is cruelty-free because you choose not to exploit and harm animals. Your wedding day is an expression of what matters to you and it’s also a great opportunity to show your guests that you can dine on gorgeous food without the cruelty.



Ask for donations to animal charities instead of gifts.

If you already have everything you need this is a lovely idea to give back a little. Research your local farmed animal sanctuaries. Often they can do with all the help you can give


Don’t participate in cruel tourism on your honeymoon

If you’re going to places with “animal tourism” on your honeymoon be aware that all may not be as it seems. Animals can be abused, drugged and exploited to make money in some of these “sanctuaries” and parks. Elephants can undergo cruel and arduous training to break their spirits and Great Cats can be drugged so they are calm during photo opportunities. Ask questions, do extensive research and make sure your holiday dollars are not going towards animal cruelty.




With all the vegan options for food, clothing and cosmetics available these days you don’t miss out on taste, quality or substance. Vegan weddings are on the rise and becoming more and more popular amongst those who wish to leave a smaller footprint on our planet.

(Image credit: Jen Regan Weddings)

Lust Have It – Bridal Party Box

There is a new trend in the beauty business and I think I’m it’s biggest fan:)

It’s a subscription service that allows you to receive a box full of products every month. There’s a few around but Lust Have It really do it well. What could be more fun than new beauty products delivered straight to your door!

The lovely team at Lust Have It recently sent me one of their latest offerings; the new Bridal Party Box.

The aim of the box is to make life a little easier for the bride. She can buy one for herself and one for each of her bridesmaids. Even one for her Mum. It’s filled to the brim with gorgeous products to pamper the girls just before the wedding.

The Bridal Party Box

I was so excited when it arrived! Wheeeee…


This mascara is BRILLIANCE itself. One tube contains a beautiful jet black mascara and the other is a tube of little fibres. You sweep the fibres onto your lashes to gradually build up your look. The result is fuller lashes without having to apply falsies. Brilliant, no?!

ModelCo Gel Eyeliner

This ModelCo gel eyeliner is gorgeous, with real staying power. Trust ModelCo to have included the perfect brush to apply, which is stored in the lid.

Revlon Photoready Skinlights

This product has a cult following and I can see why. Everyone needs a little illuminating.

Inika Mineral Illuminator

Inika is one of my favourite brands. This natural, mineral illuminator gives the perfect healthy glow.

Skindivia Makeup Finishing Spray

This amazing mist sets your makeup and leaves you looking dewy fresh. Perfect for popping in your handbag on the wedding day.

This is only half of what’s in the box. All this and so much more for $50. Such a bargain ladies.

You can buy yours at the Lust Have It site.

J Crew: sweet and simple wedding dresses


Have you seen the latest J Crew bridal collection?

Such perfectly clean lines and simple elegance. Bride’s seeking a non-frou-frou, simple, organic wedding dress need look no further for inspiration than the J Crew range.

Un-fussy, sweet and simple.

Untraditional Headpieces




























White Bohemian Bridal Headband $28.99 USD





















Bridesmaids Lace Headband $26.99 USD





























Bohemian Leather Headband Hippie Head Piece Tie On Vintage Tooled Leather Headbands for Music Festivals Photoshoots

Ethical Weddings

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is incorporating elements that represent you as an individual and as a couple.

If you are environmentally conscious in everyday life it makes sense to plan an eco-wedding or at least introduce elements that  reflect this aspect of who you are.


You can help the environment, people in need or animals by asking guests to donate to a cause that means a lot to you as a couple.

Oxfam – Unwrapped






From Oxfam… “When you buy an Unwrapped gift card, your donation helps support Oxfam Australia’s life-changing work around the world. Best of all, your family member, workmate or friend receives an extremely memorable gift card explaining how their special gift is helping others…”

Animals Australia – Donation






From Animals Australia… “Your generous support will help prevent needless suffering and cruelty to countless animals. Every dollar received is precious and will be spent wisely…”

Red Cross – Donation






The Red Cross helps vulnerable people both here in Australia during natural disasters and overseas during periods of crisis. You can elect to send your donation to the campaign you feel most strongly about.

The Orangutan Project – Donation







From The Orangutan Project … “The orangutans’ rainforest is being destroyed for Palm Oil plantations and other crops at an overwhelming rate with the remaining forest being degraded by drought and forest fires. Extinction in the wild is likely in the next 10 years for Sumatran Orangutans and soon after for Bornean Orangutans…”

Barnardos – Donation


From Barnardos … “Barnardos Australia is a non-government, non-denominational child welfare charity, with a 130 year history in caring for children and a focus on long term support. Barnardos Australia helps to stop child abuse by finding safe homes for abused children through foster care and adoption and also work with families to prevent abuse happening in the first place…”

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