Green gifts for guests

Brides of 2013 and beyond are so lucky. They have access to many quirky and different ideas to customise their wedding day into a true expression of their personal taste and things that represent them both as couple.

Pots for Knots is a Melbourne based small business offering customised plant gifts in pretty pots for wedding guests.

Pots for Knots – a Melbourne based small business specialising in potted treats for wedding guests.

Pots and plants can be customised to suit the look of your reception.

The business is currently Melbourne based but there’s plans to offer the service to other states in the future.

This is one gift that guests won’t forget and leave on the tables at the end of the night.

The prettiest little pots, delivered to your reception and customised to suit your theme.

You can choose either succulents or herbs for inside the pot.
Awesome, awesome idea!!


Alternative Jewelery

Fellow Swoon-lets, how awesome are these different statement jewellery items.

How refreshing to find different, quirky items that can be incorporated into your wedding.












{Link to purchase from shopfaire}

Wood ring












{Link to purchase wood ring from Bentwood Bands on Etsy}

Acai Berries necklace












{Link to buy necklace from shopfaire}


Turquoise necklace












[Link to buy necklace from Arkpearl etsy shop}

Bib Necklace












{Link to buy necklace from Turquoiseworld  etsy shop}

Statement necklace











{Link to buy necklace from EllenGift4U etsy shop}






A quirky wedding

Photographer; Emma from Anna Rose Studio

Makeup: Addicted to Glamour

Bride’s Accommodation: The Terrace Hotel, Perth

Ceremony + Reception: Lamont’s at Bishop’s House, Perth

Music: Dolce Ensembles

Floral: Natural Art


Products that actually work!

I love recommendations from friends of beauty products that actually live up to their lofty promises.

Here’s some of my favourite products that ACTUALLY WORK.

(Shock! Horror!)


Seche Vite Top Coat & Base















I was late to this one. All of the world probably knows about this already. Chip-free nails that last and last.

I still get some teensy ships after a few days, that’s to be expected. But this extends my manicure for SO much longer than usual.

I got mine at Beauty Bay and the shipping was super fast to Australia.















On the topic of nails … this stuff. It really works. My nails seem longer within a few days of following the programme (a coat a day for a week)

Dr LeWinn’s page

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner













Apply it with a liner brush (an angled one is great) and this liner really lives up to it’s long-wearing promise.


Know of any GREAT beauty buys? Let me know!


Orjan Jakobsson – Bridal Headwear

We get oodles of emails at Swoon asking us to feature certain products and services.

At least 5 requests a day!

It’s up to us to discern what might be of interest to readers, hereafter referred to as Swoonies (or Swoonlets?) It has to be classy with a touch of unique. Quality with a wee bit of non-traditional. Beautiful with a dash of awesome.

And this stunning range of bridal headwear by Swedish designer Orjan Jakobsson is just that.

We love that girls are stepping outside of the box to wear statement headpieces on their wedding day. These delicate and feminine pieces are all handmade. They are so stunning you will want to pass them down to your daughter.

You can see more and buy the pieces HERE.

The Online Shop

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